Otto Gauge

Character Description: Socially awkward and quiet, possesses superior intellect, gadget and technical wizard; holds secrets to design, building, and racing of all types.

Friends: Deezul, Revin’ Kevin, and Kandi Karbi, but Otto is easily likable and friendly to all.

Favorite Type of Racing:  Otto loves all types of racing, but what he enjoys most is when all vehicles, rules, and regulations are equal among all competitors. This allows for his brilliant mind to shine and usually win. Otto loves the technical wizardry!

Favorite Rides: Otto digs Woody Wagons complete with surfboards, but he enjoys building sleepers where all of the engine remains under the hood and defeats unsuspecting drivers.

Alternate Likes: Outside of Racing, Otto enjoys mathematics, making up new games with characters and rules, bike rides, exploring the old army field, and map reading.