Kandi Karbi

Character Description: Tomboy, preteen, tag along, lil' sis to Revin Kevin; immaturity and inexperience frequently creates mishaps and failures as she demands inclusion in the boys' race adventures.

Friends:  Of course her big brother Revin’ Kevin! Then there’s Otto Gauge, Deezul, and her girl car club the "FireFlys"

Favorite Type of Racing:  Anything with her big bro!

Favorite Rides:  Kandi is a little too young to drive yet, but her dad and big brother are already working on her future vehicle, a VW Bug van, so all of her "FireFly" friends can pile in and head to Crocodile Nile beach to surf and boogie board!

Alternate Likes:  Likes to make her own jewelry out of found mechanical parts. Enjoys bike rides with her friends. Enjoys painting and drawing, hanging out with friends, and hitting the beach at the Crocodile Nile.