Camber Toein

Character Description: Stammering twin brother to Castor; eager to impress and secretly hides true feelings to avoid Castor's ridicule; desires friendship over adversaries but is intimidated by Castor's ruling agenda.

Friends:  Castor Toein (twin brother). Camber has a hard time making friends as his desire to win comes before being nice to others.

Favorite Type of Racing:  Camber enjoys all types, but prefers straight line drags, especially after his first experience in the Big 8 Race with his brother.

Favorite Rides:  Likes monster trucks and rat rods but also enjoys old big fin cars like ’59 Caddys with bullet tail lights!

Alternate Likes:  Hunting for parts with Castor in Koala Kanyon to build cool things and re-purpose items; bike rides with his brother.