Dwite Mite

Catch Phrase: "Hey, Big Buddies!"

Job: Dwite Mite is the owner/overseer of the "Koala Kanyon" junkyard. He's so proud to have been given this job that he promotes it every chance he gets and even named it "Dwite Mite's Junk Emporium." Dwite lives in his hand-built house in the junkyard. He can be heard frequently across Koala Kanyon banging, grinding, or dismantling cars; sometimes without tools and only with his bare hands!

What He's Like: Dwite appears intimidating at first look with a silver-colored mohawk and anvil goatee, leather motorcycle vest, and car-related tattoos. He is a big, muscular rhino, with really big hands and feet, a large belly and a deep throaty voice, like a V/8 engine with dual exhaust cherry bomb mufflers! Dwite is a little goofy but always friendly and shows kindness to all he meets. He especially looks out for the kids in Koala Kanyon. He loves to see the kids in the junkyard and always lends a helping hand, showing the kids the proper way to use tools safely to get the job done right! He even loans out his special tools to help the kids get the right parts for the right car to build their rat rod race cars.